HWSS - Hot Water Systems and Safety (Unvented Cylinders)


Price: £230 plus vat

Duration: 1 day

HWSS - Hot Water Systems and Safety (Unvented Cylinders)

The HWSS course is an essential training program for individuals who work with hot water systems and safety, with a specific focus on unvented cylinders.

The course is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the principles of hot water system installation, maintenance, and safety.

Participants will learn how to safely and efficiently install, maintain, and repair unvented cylinders in a variety of settings, including residential and commercial properties.

The course covers the latest regulations and requirements for working with unvented cylinders, including documentation and certification requirements.

The HWSS course combines theoretical and practical training, giving participants hands-on experience in working with unvented cylinders. Participants will learn how to troubleshoot common issues with hot water systems, such as leaks, pressure problems, and temperature issues.  There are pre-requisities for this course, please contact us for full details.

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