ACS - Core Commercial Heating (Non-domestic) Natural Gas Safety and Appliances.

COCN1 (or a suitable changeover) is required for any Engineer wishing to work on non-domestic gas installations and commercial heating and hot water appliances.  In addition, the Engineer must hold the relevant appliance element to the work they wish to undertake.

Train in our fully operational Commercial Training area with our Trainers who have excellent knowledge and experience from having worked in the industry themselves.

Appliance codes:

CORT1 - Radiant Tube & Plaque Heaters

CIGA1 - Indirect Fired Gas Appliances

CDGA1 - Direct Fired Gas Appliances

ICPN1 - Commercial Pipework

TPCP1A - Testing & Purging (<1m3 in volume)

TPCP1 - Testing & Purging (>1m3 in volume)


Commercial Core course - COCN1/CoDNC01, CORT1, CIGA1, CDGA1, ICPN1 & TPCP1a - £1,000 plus vat - 5 days

Add TPCP1 onto Commercial Core course - £200 plus vat

TPCP1a course only - £280 plus vat - 2 days

TPCP1 course only - £330 plus vat - 2 days

Commercial Catering - CoDC1, COMCAT 1 & COMCAT 3 - £650 plus vat - 2 days